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NALAS invites Local Governments and Local Government Associations in South East Europe to share good practices on Gender and Youthand nominate them for receiving the GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives awards. Your nominations are welcomed in electronic form at the e-mail address geniyouth@nalas.eu, latest by 19 December 2014.

The local governments are invited to nominate their initiatives, experiences, successes and lessons learnt, specifically describing the good practices of inclusion of women and young people in their community. The nominations should include already applied activities, methodologies and tools that lead to achieving visible and tangible results.

Five (5) of the best of the collected practices will be awarded with GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives Awards. The winners will be acknowledged at an award ceremony, organized within NALAS General Assembly meeting in May 2015 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This open call has a secondary goal to attract the attention of the donor community interested and willing to support the process of replication and scaling up of good local government practices in the field of gender and youth.

The application process consists of documentation of good practices for promotion of gender and youth at local level implemented by local governments, their associations and civil society organizations in the past three years. The details of the activity are fully described in the application documents:

  • Open call “GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives Awards”
  • Application Form “GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives Awards”
  • Applicant declaration

The overall activity will consist of the following main phases:
1. Collection of nominations of good practices (03.11 – 19.12. 2014)
2. Establishment of the “GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives Awards” Evaluation Committee (03.11 – 19.12. 2014)
3. Evaluation of the nominations and selection of (08.01 – 18.02. 2015):
– Good practices to be included in the publication – Menu of good practices”
– 5 Awarded Practices
4. Development of the publication “GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives – Menu of good practices” (18.02 – 30.04. 2015)
5. Organization of the Award ceremony (18.02. – 14.05. 2015)
6. Implementation of the Award Ceremony (14.05.2015)
7. Dissemination of best practices (01.06.2015 – onward)
8. Searching opportunities for replication of the best practices (01.06.2015 – onward)

Download the full call documentation:

Open Call for GENiYOUTH Municipal Inititives

Application Form for GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives

Applicant Declaration for GENiYOUTH Municipal Initiatives FINAL