On 29 Ocotber 2009, Mr Zoran Vitorovic, member of the NALAS Task Force on Urban Planning, gave a lecture titled „Spatial planning practices in EU countries – Slovenian example“ to members of the Committee for Urban planning and housing of the Serbian Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities. The lecture was an opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of spatial planning, issuing building permits, and initiating discussion about the role of planners in development processes in every society. The Slovenian political system was presented, including the role division between different levels of government. Mr Vitorovic presented his own municipality – Domžale, and the general spatial planning system in Slovenia. Serbian professionals had a chance to hear about the challenges of restitution, land privatization and environmental protection – all being necessary steps towards creation of new legislation in compliance with EU standards. This lecture was made possible with the NALAS Quick Response service.