Quick Response

NALAS Quick Response service is an exclusive service tailored for the needs of NALAS member Local Government Associations (LGAs). The Quick Response service is specialised in regional ad-hoc information collection and analysis, used by the member Associations in dealing with important policy issues or otherwise negotiating with their respective central governments.

To apply for a Quick Response, NALAS member LGAs send a request to amet@nalas.eu. The request should describe what are the needs, how the LGA intends to use the result from the service and what are the deadlines for receiving the support. In return, member LGAs receive as a product a comprehensive comparative report, analysing the situation in the particular area of interest.

List of NALAS Quick Responses 2017-2020

NALAS collects data on adopted financial packages and other measures on mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in SEE via the Quick Response Service 

13 Quick Responses in 2016 

21 Quick Responses in 2015

13 Quick Response reports supported NALAS member LGAs in 2014 

Management of Bus Stations 

Delimitation of Competences in Water Supply and Waste Management 

Normative, legislative acts on local borrowing and information on personal income tax

Social Services – Competency, Functioning and Funding 

Taxation of the Telecommunication and Electro-Energetic Properties