Leaders of the Associations of Local Government Authorities from South East Europe, members of NALAS, gathered on a NALAS CLO meeting in Skopje during 19 – 21 February 2009. In addition to the regular meeting of the Committee of Liaison Officers, the NALAS members also discussed the progress of decentralization in Macedonia and, in particular, the role of the Association of the Units of Local Self-government of Republic of Macedonia – ZELS in representing and helping the local governments in this process, as well as its future development. The meeting was organized within the NALAS Association Development activities, where NALAS members got to know the host association in more detail, reviewed its strengths and weaknesses and, in the end, provided advice for possible points for future improvements. This “peer” review process is designed to be beneficial not only for the host association but also for all other NALAS members that will participate through benchmarking and mutual learning.