As a Regional Dimension Coordinator for the Pillar Governance for Growth of the SEE 2020 Strategy, NALAS aims at improvement of the application of best standards in delivery of public services in SEE as per the European Charter of Local Self-Government. The project combined effort of international, regional and six national experts from the target economies, as well as NALAS staff, and resulted in Concept and Methodology that provides directions on putting in place conditions for informed decision making towards establishment of a SEE Decentralisation Observatory. It provided comprehensive review of the possible directions for platforms for monitoring of municipal finances and core services, input in the intergovernmental discussions, and, indirectly, ways to improve investments at all levels of territorial division with the means of structured data collection.

The project Towards SEE Regional Decentalisation Observatory was financed by the Regional Cooperation Council and implemented by NALAS.

Concept and Methodology for establishment of a SEE Decentralisation Observatory