The Ministerial Conference of the South East Europe Investment Committee adopted the SEE 2020 Strategy at a meeting of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) in Sarajevo on 21 November 2013.

The goal of SEE 2020 is to bring competitiveness and economic development in the focus by reaching a target of 1 million new jobs, doubling the total regional trade turnover from current 94 to 210 billion euro and rising the GDP per capita from current 36% to 44% of the EU average by 2020. The Ministers emphasized that food processing and tourism should be the priorities for action under SEE 2020.

The strategy also puts an emphases on the subsidiarity principle and the role of local governments in promoting economic growth. NALAS has been actively involved in developing the “Governance for Growth” Pillar of the strategy and will continue to play an important role in implementation and monitoring of actions under the “Effective Public Services” dimension.

The goal of the SEE 2020 strategy is to improve living conditions in the region, closely following the vision of the EU strategy Europe 2020.

Download the Strategy:

  SEE2020 Strategy