Reflecting on our recent study visit, held in Belgrade from April 15th to 18th, 2024, we are excited to share the success of this experience. The visit was part of the project “Exchange of good practices on sociocultural participation of people on the move in host communities in the Western Balkans,” supported by GIZ and implemented in partnership with NALAS and AMCFBiH (Association of Municipalities and Cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Focused on local migration management in Serbia, the study visit brought together esteemed participants from local municipalities and relevant stakeholders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including representatives from municipalities in Ilidza and Hadzici, as well as the Service for Foreign Affairs from Sarajevo.

Throughout the visit, participants engaged in insightful discussions with representatives from the Commissary for Migrants and Refugees in Serbia, as well as international and national organizations. They also had the opportunity to visit Transit and Reception Centers and exchange knowledge on migration dynamics at the local level. Together, we delved into challenges, identified best practices, and established valuable cross-border connections.

With a diverse group of attendees, including representatives from local authorities, centers for social work, and civil organizations, the study visit offered a comprehensive perspective on migration management. Through shared experiences and collaborative learning, we deepened our understanding and laid the groundwork for more effective, inclusive approaches to address migration challenges in our respective communities.

As we reflect on this impactful journey, we are inspired by the commitment and dedication of all participants to foster positive change in migration management. We eagerly anticipate building upon this momentum and continuing our collective efforts to create more resilient and welcoming communities for all.