Mr. Đuro Bukvić, Mayor of the Municipality of Lukač in Virovitica-Podravina County in Croatia (website) and President of the Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia – UORH (website) served his mandate as NALAS President between 2014 and 2015.

Mr. Bukvić spent the biggest part of his working life in the business environment as a sales agent, and since 1999 as an entrepreneur and general manager of a private company, developing thriving projects. He was elected a Mayor of Municipality of Lukač in 2005 and he is now serving his third mandate. His entrepreneurial spirit contributed to the economic development of the area which is proven by the number of private companies that increased from 4 to 50. In addition, during his mandate 20 million EUR have been invested in municipal infrastructure.

In late 2013 Mr. Bukvić has been elected as a President of UORH for the second time, and in 2012 as the Chair of KOLOS – Coordination of Local Self-Governance in Croatia established together with the Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia.

As a football player in his early years, Bukvić is infatuated with sports and healthy life-style and is now a Vice-President of the Croatian Football Federation and member of UEFA’s Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee, acting in a vast array of fields from disability sport to anti-racism and education for health and peace.