Boran Ivanoski joined NALAS in September 2013 as Project Officer. He has extensive experience in public administration reform, inter-municipal cooperation, regional development and capacity building of local government in SEE. Mr. Ivanoski has more than 15 years of experience in training needs assessment, curricula development, training delivery and evaluation of training for national and local authorities. He has practical experience in conducting functional analysis, organisational design as well as establishment of Human Resource Management setting in the central government institutions and Local-self Government Units. Mr. Ivanoski has worked with UNDP on Good Governance Programme, but also CARE International, International Rescue Committee, UNICEF etc. After 3 years working for NALAS focused on assessing territorial attractiveness and monitoring, solid waste and water management, and disaster risk management, he has acquired a deep understanding of the challenges of the local authorities in SEE. Mr. Ivanoski holds a master degree in Human Resource Management from the University in Skopje.