HAVING REGARD to the Action 6.6 of the NALAS Policy Positions on gender equality at local level: Promote gender responsive budgeting as a tool of enabling local authorities to assess gender implications on women and men and ensure more equal distribution of resources, goods and services for citizens;

CONSIDERING diversity as a basic value of the NALAS Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022, and NALAS efforts in promotion of an equitable development of rural and urban municipalities, young and old, men and women;

RECOGNIZING Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) as a tool that aims at integrating gender perspectives in the budgeting process of local governments, necessary to understand how the budget revenues and expenditures impact the socioeconomic status and opportunities of women and men as well as the aspects of equality between women and men in the local public life;

WELCOMING the outputs of the exchange among women elected officials during the first Forum of Women Mayors in SEE, organized on December 5th-7th 2019 in Sombor, Serbia;

The women mayors from South East Europe provide a set of recommendations to central governments, peer mayors and NALAS, to promote Gender Responsive Budgeting at local level. 

Download the document:

 NALAS GRB recommendations 2021