We are happy to share with you the new NALAS Fiscal Decentralization Indicators Report for South-East Europe 2006-2013. This is the fourth edition of the Report prepared by the NALAS Fiscal Decentralization Task Force, as an ongoing effort to provide national and local policy-makers and analysts with reliable comparative data on municipal finances and intergovernmental fiscal relations in South-East Europe.

As before, we present a comparative picture of what has been happening in the region as a whole, but with increasing focus on monitoring the intergovernmental finances of individual countries. The report provides a reasonably clear picture of the structure, functions, and financing of local governments in South-East Europe today, as well as an overview of how intergovernmental financial relations have evolved over the economically turbulent period 2006-2013. The report has been used by member associations to argue for policy changes at home. It has also provided input for the design of the monitoring system of the regional strategy South East Europe 2020.

The report is divided into three sections. The first discusses the data used in the report and some basic methodological issues. The second begins with a review of the structure and functions of municipal governments in South-East Europe, as well as a few important macro-economic indicators. It then presents comparative indicators of fiscal decentralization for the region as whole. The third section focuses on the changes in intergovernmental fiscal relations that have occurred within individual NALAS’ member countries/entities.

To download the report:

FD Report 2006-2013