NALAS Task Force on Sustainable Tourism met in Sveti Kriz Zacretje, Croatia on 27-28 March 2013.  During the meeting, the cooperation with the National Association of Italian Communes (ANCI) has been re-integrated into the activities of the Task Force. The group drafted the content of the NALAS Position Paper “SEE Tourism Goes Local”, which aims to build a common NALAS position on what sustainable tourism at local level means, why is it important, what are the main principles that need to be followed, who are the main stakeholders, and what are the preferred actions and recommendations.

At this meeting, NALAS Task Force on Sustainable Tourism also worked on developing a Toolkit for Strategic Planning of Tourism at Local Level. In reaching sustainability, municipalities need to apply appropriate methodology, while NALAS, as a regional network, is in the right position to promote such methodology that would be relevant and applicable all over South-East Europe. This Toolkit will provide municipalities a set of practical tools for situation analysis, strategic planning implementation and performance monitoring. The toolkit will be finalized by the end of June 2013 and promoted in the upcoming months among NALAS members. On the long run the toolkit could be developed as an e-Learning course and electronic application for producing a municipal plan for tourism development at local level.

The meeting was supported by the municipality of Sveti Kriz Zacretje, the Krapina – Zagorje County, the Association of Municipalities of Republic of Croatia, the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia and ANCI. As an added value, the members of the Task Force had an authentic experience of the rural and agri-tourism in a small municipality in Croatia.

For more information: NALAS Sustainable Tourism Task Force Meeting 27-28 March 2013.pdf