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Solid Waste and Water Management

The NALAS Task Force on Solid Waste and Water Management is the first NALAS task force, with its roots as a task force on solid waste management, established in December 2005. The host association for this Task Force is the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO).

Latest Task Forces

  • Three new NALAS products to improve Municipal Asset Management Practices 22.07.2015

    AM Regional Report Interested in improving your municipality's wellbeing? Asset Management can help you in this effort. Learn what Asset Management is about, find out how to do it and learn from the international and regional experiences. NALAS offers you three new Asset Management products.

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  • Call for provision of Training of Trainers 27.05.2015

    nalaslogo Call for proposals for provision of Consultancy Services for development and implementation of a series of Training of Trainers (ToT). Deadline for submitting bids: 26 June 2015 (Friday), 16:00 (CET) at

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  • Call for Regional Expert in Benchmarking on Solid Waste Management in SEE 07.04.2015

    nalaslogo NALAS is seeking for competent Regional Expert on Municipal Solid Waste Management who will develop a methodology for establishment of the Benchmarking on Solid Waste in the region of SEE, putting the Benchmarking in place and preparation of its first regional report.

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  • NALAS Task Force in Solid Waste and Water Management meets in Bijeljina 19.03.2015

    Bijeljina From 18-19 March 2015, NALAS Task Force in Solid Waste and Water Management held its meeting in Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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  • Responding to Emergency Situations: Guidelines for Local Government Associations 19.03.2015

    Emergency_guidelines The manual presents the basics for the associations of local authorities on preparedness and responding in emergency with emphasis on providing support to the municipalities.

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  • Learn more about the Danube Water Program 15.01.2014

    DWP1 The Danube Water Program is NALAS' partner that works with regional, national, and local stakeholders to promote an informed policy dialogue around the core challenges facing the sector and to strengthen the technical and managerial capacity of the sector’s utilities and institutions – in a nutshell, smart policies, strong utilities, sustainable services. To learn more about the program, check the brochure below, which describes the Program and its activities, shares some early results of collaboration, presents findings and lessons derived from those activities, and describes its longer-term vision.

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  • Cost and Finance Model for Solid Waste Management in South Eastern Europe developed in NALAS project 07.08.2012

    The project Development of Cost and Finance Model for Solid Waste Management implemented by the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South East Europe (NALAS) was concluded. The project was financed by GIZ Open Regional Fund on Modernisation of Municipal Services. During its implementation were elaborated tools that will help address some of the challenges in municipal solid waste management in the region. The Cost and Finance Model for Solid Waste Management in SEE is a calculation tool in the format of online application that will help the municipal management identify information on the needs of financial resources in waste management. The Model is based on European standards on solid waste management and was developed with consideration of the specificities of the municipal solid waste management in South Eastern Europe.

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  • NALAS develops a cost and financing model in Solid Waste Management in South-East Europe 27.07.2012

    SW Wshp On 27-28 July 2012 in Skopje, Macedonia, NALAS organized the workshop “Development of a cost and financing model in Solid Waste Management in South-East Europe” (CFM Project) and a meeting of NALAS Task Force on Solid Waste Management. Participants included CFM Project team, international, regional and local experts, NALAS Solid Waste Task Force Members and members of ZELS Environment Network.

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  • Manual for Efficient Sanitary Landfill Management in SEE 29.05.2012

    knc926 The Network of Associations of Local Authorities in South Eastern Europe (NALAS), supported by the Open Regional Fund for South East Europe (ORF), has initiated a project with a focus on landfill management. At present, many of the landfills in the project region are not operated satisfactorily and cause negative impact on human health and environment. Thus, the project analyzed the current status of waste disposal in the region, and based on the findings developed recommendations for future improvements.

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  • Solid Waste Management Working Group Meeting in Sofia, 17th June 17.06.2011

    NALAS Task Force on Solid Waste and Water Management met in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 15-16th September 2011. The meeting was devoted to the TF SW strategic planning based on the changes that occurred in the financing terms of the group’s projects, and the recent projects implemented by the group. The SWIS project dissemination event also took place in the frame of the meeting.

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