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Fiscal Decentralization

The NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralization consists of regional experts in local and intergovernmental finances representing member associations. The host association for this Task Force is the National Association of Local Governments of Bulgaria (NAMRB).

Latest Task Forces

  • NALAS Fiscal Decentralization Task Force addresses fiscal decentralization challenges in the SEE Region 27.06.2012

    Zagreb1 From 27-28 June 2012, NALAS Fiscal Decentralization Task Force held its meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting provided an overview of the developments since the last session of the Task Force, held in November 2011 in Bursa, Turkey.

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  • Regional Decentralisation Observatory: a vision to materialise 12.10.2011

    RDO1 Is SEE Decentralisation Observatory needed? What functions should it perform? What areas should it cover? What kind of data to collect? How to use the data collected?

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  • Fiscal Decentralization Indicators for South-East Europe 27.07.2011

    fdreport This report has been prepared by the Fiscal Decentralization Task Force of the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South East Europe (NALAS). Its purpose is to provide national and local policy makers, researchers, and interested outside observers with reliable comparative data on municipal finances and intergovernmental fiscal relations in South East Europe. Like its object of analysis, the report is a work in progress. It represents a first attempt by NALAS to assemble from its member associations basic data on fiscal decentralization. Over time, NALAS hopes to expand and deepen the analysis in response to requests and suggestions from both member associations and interested observers. For the moment, however, the report provides a snap shot of the structure, functions, and financing of local governments in South East Europe, as well as an overview of how intergovernmental financial relations have evolved over the economically turbulent period 2006-2010.

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  • Fiscal Decentralisation Task Force Meeting in Ljubljana, 11-12 July 2011 11.07.2011

    ljubljana-nalas NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralisation met in Ljubljana 11-12 July to hold conceptual discussions on the role and interests of the TF in the next several years.

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  • Workshop on Modernizing Local Public Expenditure Management 11.05.2011

    As part of the cooperation with the World Bank-Austria Urban Partnership Program, NALAS and its Fiscal Decentralization Task Force took part in the workshop on Modernizing Local Public Expenditure Management, organized in Mavrovo, Macedonia, from 15-17 May 2012. The workshop focused on local expenditures and selected aspects of expenditures management, such as: Recurrent expenditures versus capital investment expenditures; Budget as a tool for expenditure monitoring and control; Making budgets real: planning methods, expenditure control techniques; Procuring, contracting, and regulating private providers; Price setting of local utility services; Promoting or reversing private provision of utility services, etc.

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  • Guidelines on Local Government Borrowing 21.12.2010

    knc665 This publication contains best experiences available in the region of South East Europe in debt financing and managing complex capital investment projects. Improved information is intended also to lead to proposals for changes in laws and regulations that are restricting local borrowing in some countries. In this guide the project team analyzed recent trends (2010) in local government borrowing in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Republika Srpska – BiH, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

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  • Fiscal Decentralization Task Force Meeting in Sofia, 14-15 December 2010 14.12.2010

    FDTF Sofia 2010 group The main pillars of this meeting hosted by NAMRB were: a) exchange of updates between the members on the current issues in fiscal decentralization in their countries; b) update on the progress of the project on Municipal Borrowing and promotion of the capacity building component and c) further development of the project ideas selected and prioritized at the meeting in Skopje: Non-tax Revenues, Multiannual and Participatory Budgeting and Budget negotiations II.

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  • Disaster for the municipalities 01.12.2010

    die_welt Pforzheim is a town of nearly 119 000 inhabitants in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany. It is world-famous for its jewelry and watch-making industry. Because of that it gained the nickname "Goldstadt" or Golden City. It has an area of 98 km² and is situated between the cities of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Unfortunately, lately the city is becoming famous for another thing. On 5 January 2010, "Die Welt" published a story of a long struggle of the town Mayoress and her city treasurer that may lead to a legendary loss of 77.5 million euro in the years 2014-2017. The translated version of the story is available at the link below.

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  • Fiscal Decentralization Task Force Meeting in Skopje, 28-29 June 2010 28.06.2010

    The NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralization meeting took place in Skopje, Macedonia on 28-29 June. The main topic on the meeting’s agenda was the presentation and discussion of the NALAS Final Report on Developing a Municipal Finance Database in South Eastern Europe: the Preparatory Phase. During the meeting, the report was improved with the input of the participants and two ideas for follow-up phases were developed. Also, other three new projects ideas on different topics related with the most pressing issues in NALAS countries were selected from a bigger number of ideas to be further developed by the experts/associations that took commitment to write the first draft of the projects.

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  • Sofia Declaration on Enforcing the political neutrality and independence 01.02.2010

    In some coun­tries in South East Europe the unity of national associations was chal­lenged in the past few months: new associations were established, while the national associations, members of NALAS network, lost considerable part of their membership. Therefore, the Presidents at their meeting in Sofia expressed their concern about such tendencies of fragmentation of national associa­tions in the region. A political declaration was adopted by the Presidents who agreed that the message coming from NALAS should be widely disseminated in all SEE countries.

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