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Gender and youth

Based on all available data and reports, NALAS finds it essential to design activities and
measures towards enhanced inclusion of young people and women in local government
affairs in South East Europe. The strategy for addressing these issues at NALAS includes:
• Promote exchange of experience and successful projects among members;
• Scaling up national projects;
• Sign and become an Ambassador of the European Charter for Equality of Women and
Men in Local Life;
• Engage in promotion of participation of young people and women at local elections;
• Strive for greater youth and gender balance in NALAS governing bodies;
• Develop publication policies for balanced representation of female and young issues;
• Include stories on women and young people in LG in NALAS communication materials:
newsletter, digest, website;
• Include a section of gender and youth in NALAS Knowledge Tree;
• Establish a Focal point on Gender and Youth in each NALAS member and through
them a gender and youth network.

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