NALAS is supporting local government authorities in their plans to transform digitally and apply technology and innovation to enhance decision-making and facilitate green, sustainable and inclusive growth. Decentralised cooperation contributes to smart growth of SEE cities and municipalities and to regional cohesion.

Smart Growth calls for joining resources and NALAS is actively engaged in integrating, building and promoting capacities for the local governments authorities in the SEE on digital transformation and innovation. Smart growth involves improvements in quality and access to local public services – green agenda, water management, circular economy, energy efficiency, public asset management, digital transformation, social inclusion, citizens’ participation, openness and transparency, disaster risk management, energy and climate, migration for development, urban-rural interplay.

Supporting Smart solutions via knowledge transfer, promoting what works well, experience sharing and continuous learning are the main NALAS activities.

As the whole world prepares to build back stronger and better, it innovates and develops new tools available to support this effort. A growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), offers a means to reimagine and transform physical spaces—our homes, offices, urban and rural areas, transportation and public spaces—to be more adaptive, customized and even anticipate new needs before they arise. New models for partnership, cooperation and shared community services are also changing the way in which local governments provide services to residents and business, blurring the lines between government and the private sector.

Contact person:
Jana Belcheva Andreevska,