Local authorities have a key role in mitigating climate change. Over half of greenhouse gas emissions are created in and by cities. 80% of the population lives and works in cities, where up to 80% of energy is consumed. Local authorities, being the closest administration to the citizens are ideally positioned to understand their concerns. Moreover, they can address the challenges in a comprehensive way, facilitating the conciliation between the public and private interest and the integration of sustainable energy into overall local development goals, be it development of alternative energy, more efficient energy use or changes in behaviour.

Local governments must therefore become leading actors for implementing sustainable energy policies, and must be recognised and supported in their effort.

NALAS is working on supporting local government associations and its members in realizing the green agenda and cities becoming more resilient through many activities, including: Establishment and Promotion of a Help Desk for Covenant of Mayors  in the framework of the “EU4 Energy Transition: Covenant of Mayors in the Western Balkans and Türkiye, Learn to be resilient, Disaster Risk Management e-course, etc.

Contact person:
Semra Amet, amet@nalas.eu