The project name: The FRIENDSHIP, co-funded by the European Union -Strengthening EU- Mongolia Friendship through Equitable, Resilient and Innovative Growth in Darkhan Uul-Province 

Purpose: It is aimed to accelerate the digital transition, develop the accessibility of local government services, and support youth entrepreneurs with job opportunities. 

The executive summary of the pilot project

It will be focusing on the replicable and scalable pilot on equitable municipal infrastructure and greening the city and undertake a pilot project for 3 municipal services water, sanitation, and energy based on community participation (participatory e-governance and infrastructure provisions). It aims to

The project will undertake pilot projects for three Municipal services: water, sanitation, and energy with the provision of sustainable energy access, mainly focusing on participatory e-governance and infrastructure provisions These pilot projects will focus on greening the municipal services while ensuring efficiency standards such as standards of performance, 24/7 service, grievance redressal mechanisms, etc. Further, pilot projects with a focus on environmentally sound management (ESM) of chemicals, waste, and pollutants with a focus on plastics, e-waste, and short-lived climate pollutants (methane, black carbon) with the integration of green ICT innovations, modeling, Internet of things (IoT), actionable data for sustainable urbanization etc. will be encouraged. The pilot projects will look at a range of solutions from the implementation of hardware such as renewable energy to promoting technology-based solutions such as redressing consumer grievances.

Social/IT entrepreneurship pilot project through the call for competition

This activity aims at social entrepreneurship projects promoting social inclusiveness and equity. The project could range from improving citizens’ participation at the baghs and soum level to bringing about social inclusiveness to the development of sustainable products and services for the environment, health care, education, hygiene, food, clothing, shelter, etc. A general call for competition will be launched and published in local news and print media. A technical committee will be set up who wiscrutinizeise the initial set of applications or concept ideas. Following this, the shortlisted candidates will be selected for pitching their ideas through a detailed presentation. Here again, joint ventures will be encouraged, in addition to Darkhan/Mongolian social entrepreneurs and IT firms, between EU and Mongolian counterparts to ensure leveraging and aligning with the priorities of the call. Co-funding and co-financing will be encouraged to ensure the scaling up of the solutions across Darkhan Province and across different social sectors. 

Submission documents and location: Applicants must submit their proposals through email (please make all efforts to provide your proposal should be pdf file) at of the FRIENDSHIP project, co-funded by the EU by the deadline 17:00 ULN, 16 June 2023 and hard copy will be delivered to the Europe-Darkhan Innovation Entrepreneurship Hub in the Darkhan campus of the Mongolian University of Life Sciences, University street 103, Darkhan soum, Darkhan-Uul aimag, Mongolia. Your proposal will not be submitted if the deadline is late. Please click here for proposal template.

The scope of the invitation: Applicants, highly skilled and experienced, from any organizations and consortium from Mongolia, Europe and Asia are available to equally participate in it. Please let us know through contact at +976 70373737 once the project proposal is submitted.