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NALAS Quick Response service is an exclusive service tailored for the needs of NALAS member Local Government Associations (LGAs). The Quick Response service is specialised in regional ad-hoc information collection and analysis, used by the member Associations in dealing with important policy issues or otherwise negotiating with their respective central governments.

To apply for a Quick Response, NALAS member LGAs send a request to The request should describe what are the needs, how the LGA intends to use the result from the service and what are the deadlines for receiving the support.

In return, member LGAs receive as a product a comprehensive comparative report, analysing the situation in the particular area of interest. 

  • Social benefits and pension rights for mayors 01.09.2010

    Mayors and other executives in Croatian municipalities do not have any kind of privileges or special rights regarding their social status, retirement rules and pension amount after being elected and serving one, two or even more terms in the position. Sometimes they even have problems in finding another job which puts them in awkward position, especially in smaller communities where employment opportunities are not large. The association wanted to put this issue on decision making agenda and in order to do that they wanted to learn how it works in other NALAS countries.

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  • Distribution of VAT and PIT between municipalities and central budget 25.08.2010

    Distribution of VAT and PIT between municipalities and central budget

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  • How the Deputy Mayors are elected in NALAS countries 18.08.2010

    ZELS were preparing an initiative for changes in the regulations where the right of the Mayor of the municipality to choose his own Deputy for different areas on a certain administrative territory will be given. These persons should have the status of appointed persons and not the status of civil servant. The selection would be made through public announcement. They wanted to know the experiences concerning these regulations especially in Bulgaria and Slovenia and how they handle this issue. ZELS asked also NAMRB and SOS to send them the regulations which handle this issue or quotes from the regulations or some Law which deals with this issue.

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  • Regulation of fire fighter and civil state services 02.08.2010

    Information from the region on how the Fire-fighter Service and Civil State Service are regulated (whether they are managed by local or central government and what are the institutions dealing with them).

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  • Methodology for determining the size of the municipal waste fee in accordance with the amount of discarded waste 02.08.2010

    NAMRB was involved in elaborating a draft of a new Law on Local taxes and fees. NALAS collected some good and detailed answers.

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  • Information on IT projects that are/were self-sustainable and conducted in the past 2-3 years in the South-East Europe 20.07.2010

    ZELS were looking if any of the NALAS member associations has developed and implemented such IT projects. They were looking for the abstracts to learn the idea of the project and about its self-sustainability.

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  • Number of employees in municipal administration compared to number of inhabitants of the respective municipalities 14.07.2010

    The information was needed for preparing policy arguments in discussion with the central government and to lobby for more appropriate and flexible staff structure in Montenegrin Municipalities. NALAS secretariat with the help of the National Knowledge Management Assistants has collected information, experts of legal acts and different analysis from 6 NALAS members’ countries.

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  • Fees associated with street lighting 01.03.2010

    The Serbian municipalities are in charge of street lighting and they pay substantial amounts from their budgets to local energy distribution companies for the used electricity. A number of Serbian municipalities have expressed interest to introduce individual, or group, charge for the service of street lighting and are looking for the way to do it. In this context, SKGO asked support from NALAS in respect to the legal conditions, municipal regulation and ordinances, technique of charging and financial effect of such a measure.

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  • Regulation of salaries at local level 11.01.2010

    In 2010, the Croatian parliament adopted a new Act on salaries in local and regional units, introducing such regulation for the first time. In order to make an informed opinion of this Act and to protect the interests of the municipalities of Croatia, the Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Croatia requested information from the region on the problem of salaries at local level.

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  • Spatial planning practices in EU countries – Slovenian example 29.10.2009

    VitorovicSCTM On 29 Ocotber 2009, Mr Zoran Vitorovic, member of the NALAS Task Force on Urban Planning, gave a lecture titled „Spatial planning practices in EU countries – Slovenian example“ to members of the Committee for Urban planning and housing of the Serbian Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities. The lecture was an opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of spatial planning, issuing building permits, and initiating discussion about the role of planners in development processes in every society. The Slovenian political system was presented, including the role division between different levels of government.

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