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NALAS Quick Response service is an exclusive service tailored for the needs of NALAS member Local Government Associations (LGAs). The Quick Response service is specialised in regional ad-hoc information collection and analysis, used by the member Associations in dealing with important policy issues or otherwise negotiating with their respective central governments.

To apply for a Quick Response, NALAS member LGAs send a request to The request should describe what are the needs, how the LGA intends to use the result from the service and what are the deadlines for receiving the support.

In return, member LGAs receive as a product a comprehensive comparative report, analysing the situation in the particular area of interest. 

  • Translation of the programming documents for the use of the EU Structural Funds 18.01.2011

    The Association of Cities of the Republic of Croatia used the NALAS Quick response service to learn how the Slovenian Association solved the problem of translation of the programming documents for the use of the EU Structural Funds from English to Slovenian in order to ease and speed up the activities related to the use of these funds by the municipalities.

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  • Participatory Budgeting practices and policies 22.12.2010

    In cooperation with NALAS Knowledge Managers, the Secretariat conducted a survey on the roles of the LGA’s in SEE in promoting Participatory Budgeting practices and policies. You can read the findings in the following document.

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  • Examples of MoUs that NALAS member association have signed with their national/central government authorities 02.12.2010

    The Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova (CALM) is aiming on singing some Cooperation Agreements (Memorandums of Understanding - MoUs) with the central government authorities.

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  • Organization structures of NALAS members 01.12.2010

    NALAS collected answers and documents on the organizational structure of the associations from 7 members.

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  • Structure of the local finances in the NALAS countries 11.10.2010

    The Union of Municipalities of Montenegro used the service to gather information about the Structure of Local Government Finances in South Eastern Europe, especially about the own revenues of the local governments. This information was necessary to the Union to prepare policy arguments for the negotiation with the Ministry of Finance. Due to the short time for gathering the information, apart from using its internal capacities, NALAS hired also a regional expert which gathered and provided relevant information about the structure of the local finance in 5 NALAS countries.

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  • Animal protection 04.10.2010

    Slovene Association was trying to enforce some law changes on protection of animals, especially in shelter facilities - Rules on conditions for abandoned animals. SOS was trying to achieve some changes, particularly in the part,] regulating the killing of animals in shelters, if they are not adopted.

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  • Inter-municipal co-operation 01.10.2010

    CALM needed these excerpts and laws to prepare amendments proposal to the Law on the local public administration in the part referring to the Inter-Municipal Cooperation.

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  • Social housing and social policy 30.09.2010

    SCTM wanted to know what laws regulate this, what are these tasks and to collect excerpts (articles) of these laws regulating the respective tasks/competences. NALAS collected answers and experts/law from 7 members and provided it to the SCTM.

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  • Laws and bylaws on communal and local public utility services 29.09.2010

    Currently in the Republic of Srpska these services are owned by the Republic. Local communities haven’t had much input as far as management structure or the policy of the company. At the moment there have been talks about the transferring of the ownership to the municipalities so the association asked NALAS to collect appropriate laws in other countries so that they can proceed with the comparisons. ALVRS were primarily interested in the ownership of these services. Who is in charge of communal enterprises (i.e. water supply, solid waste removal, central heating, road cleaning)? What is the role of the central/local governments?

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  • Fees associated with bringing infrastructure and general preparation of construction land 03.09.2010

    In 2010, NALAS received a request from the Association of the Units of Local Self-Government of Republic of Macedonia (ZELS) regarding the fees associated with preparation of construction land. Their questions were: 1. How the municipalities of the NALAS members decide on the fee for arranging of (or preparation of) construction land? In Macedonia, that is a category of communal fees during construction - fees that are calculated per square metre, paid by the investor and used to provide electrical supply, water, sanitation and street lighting for the building. 2. How much is this fee in the capital city and what is the average fee in the other parts of the country?

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