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NALAS Quick Response service is an exclusive service tailored for the needs of NALAS member Local Government Associations. The Quick Response service is specialized in regional ad-hoc information collection and analysis, used by the member Associations in dealing with important policy issues or otherwise negotiating with their respective central governments.

To apply for a Quick Response, NALAS member LGAs send a request to The request should describe what are the needs, how the LGA intends to use the result from the service and what are the deadlines for receiving the support.

  • 13 Quick Responses in 2016 20.09.2017

    In 2016, the Quick Response (QR) Service, as an instrument of the NALAS Knowledge Centre, has been used to produce policy arguments for NALAS member Associations in their advocacy efforts to improve legislation and environment affecting local governments in South-East Europe, but also improve Associations' institutional capacities and the services they offer to their member LGs.

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  • 21 Quick Responses in 2015 29.01.2016

    In 2015, the improved Quick Response Service was highly appreciated by members, resulting with a record of 21 Quick Response Requests. Comprehensive reports were prepared for each QR request and provided to member LGAs for their further use in policy making and Association development.

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  • 13 Quick Response reports supported NALAS member LGAs in 2014 16.01.2015

    In 2014, thirteen Quick Response reports were prepared, related to number of important issues, such as administrative and territorial reforms and LGAs' role in these processes, business environment regulatory reform, spatial planning documents, regional development agencies, etc.

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  • Management of Bus Stations 01.09.2011

    The Association of Kosovo Municipalities would like to know how the bus station is managed in other countries. More specifically, AKM is interested to know if the Bus Station is managed by the Municipal or by Central level.

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  • Delimitation of Competences in Water Supply and Waste Management 01.09.2011

    The Association of Kosovo Municipalities would like to know whether the Water supply and Waste management is a Municipal/Local or Central Level’s responsibility (competence).

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  • Normative, legislative acts on local borrowing and information on personal income tax 01.06.2011

    CALM used the service to collect laws, national regulations or any kind of normative and/or legislative acts providing information on local borrowing and to learn how is the personal income tax collected in NALAS countries country: whether it is collected at the place (village, town, city) where employees work or at the place (village, town, city) where they live, in case these two places are different. CALM needed the samples of normative acts and excerpt from the region to elaborate a new draft law on local borrowing and to propose changes to the law on local public finance.

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  • Social Services - Competency, Functioning and Funding 01.06.2011

    The Association of Kosovo Municipalities was interested to find out who is competent for Social Services in NALAS member countries - the local or central government. AKM also was interested to gather information on how social services are functioning, how they are financed and finally if there is a real decentralization of Social Services in the countries from the region. AKM needed this information to organize a Regional Conference on Social Services and they needed the respective information to see which of the local authorities of the region manage themselves the social services, in order to invite that in the conference and to exchange experiences.

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  • Taxation of the Telecommunication and Electro-Energetic Properties 01.06.2011

    The Union of Municipalities of Montenegro was involved in the development of a legal act for regulation of Property Tax and was interested to learn about the solutions implemented in NALAS countries regarding the taxation of the telecommunication and electro-energetic properties.

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  • Translation of the programming documents for the use of the EU Structural Funds 18.01.2011

    The Association of Cities of the Republic of Croatia used the NALAS Quick response service to learn how the Slovenian Association solved the problem of translation of the programming documents for the use of the EU Structural Funds from English to Slovenian in order to ease and speed up the activities related to the use of these funds by the municipalities.

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  • Participatory Budgeting practices and policies 22.12.2010

    In cooperation with NALAS Knowledge Managers, the Secretariat conducted a survey on the roles of the LGA’s in SEE in promoting Participatory Budgeting practices and policies. You can read the findings in the following document.

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