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21 Quick Responses in 2015

In 2015, the improved Quick Response Service was highly appreciated by members, resulting with a record of 21 Quick Response Requests. Comprehensive reports were prepared for each QR request and provided to member LGAs for their further use in policy making and Association development.

The evaluation of the QR service for 2015 showed that all LGAs that used the service are highly satisfied with the contribution the QR Report made to their work. As one of the evaluation forms reads: "...the quality of the final report of the QR with the whole responses gathered is quite impressive".

To provide a comprehensive service, the Quick Response complemented with other NALAS services, such as Peer Review, shadowing, etc. 


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List of 2015 NALAS Quick Responses


NALAS Quick Response service is an exclusive service tailored for the needs of NALAS member Local Government Associations. If you are interested in details on any of the Quick Responses provided, please contact NALAS Knowlegde Manager at


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