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Solid Waste and Water Management

The NALAS Task Force on Solid Waste and Water Management is the first NALAS task force, with its roots as a task force on solid waste management, established in December 2005. The host association for this Task Force is the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO).

Latest Task Forces

  • Solid Waste Management Task Force Meeting in Belgrade, 3 July 2006 03.07.2006

    In accordance with the decisions of the NALAS Executive Bureau on 07 December 2005 in Romania, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities has organized the first meeting of the Thematic Task Force for municipal Waste Management. The meeting was held in the association’s premises in Belgrade on the 03rd of July. The meeting was an excellent first step and has established a solid group of experts which will provide a base of knowledge and a valuable resource to the NALAS network with regards to improving municipal services in the local governments which are within the NALAS member associations.

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  • EBRD supports municipal solid waste management in Serbia 01.03.2006

    The EBRD is lending €5 million to the Duboko Waste Management Company to build a regional solid waste landfill that will serve more than 300,000 people in nine municipalities across central and western Serbia. These project will support Serbia's national strategy of creating new regional landfills, improving solid waste collection facilities and helping to close down illegal landfills that do not comply with EU standards. The loan will specifically finance the new landfill with waste collection points, transportation trucks, and waste separation facilities used for recycling and composting.

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  • Development of public utility and communal services in Serbia 16.01.2006

    This project focuses on the modernization of communal and local public utility services. Local governments, being responsible for the delivery of public utility services, need to find the most effective methods for the management and organization of these services. The perspective of Serbia's accession to the European Union promotes the need for projects focusing on training, consulting and institutional development. Here are the documents (in Serbian language) produced by the project.

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