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During the period of NALAS’ last Strategic Plan 2009-2012, NALAS positioned itself as a knowledge centre for its members and as a viable representative of South-East European Local Government Аssociations and Local Governments within the European and broader international scene.

User Testimonial
NALAS President
Trzin, Slovenia

Sharing information, creative ideas and experience among each other is definitely a precious experience for local governments... and the goal is to replicate some best practices...

User Testimonial
Local Government Representative
Luleburgaz, Turkey is about a kind of fight against the difficulty of being alone climbing mountains… so it is about helping each other by coordinating exchanges to make things happen. And making them happen in the same or similar pace throughout the SEE Region

User Testimonial
Task Force Member
Bucharest, Romania

We set a goal to make 100 contacts during NEXPO, but we have achieved this during the first day. We are very satisfied with NEXPO, from what it offers and the whole atmosphere, which is great.

User Testimonial
A representative of a company exhibiting at NEXPO 2013
Zagreb, Croatia

All your countries that tend to join the European Union have to develop strategies for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, in line with the EU2020 Strategy.

User Testimonial
High EU official
Brussels, Belgium

NALAS has been, and continues to be, very important to the Congress. Important because we see you as a success story, a shining example of what can be done, a beacon of hope in a region that has known more than its fair share of problems and conflicts.

President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
Strasbourg, France
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